Two New Foodist Destinations Light Up Texa-Tonka Center

January 18, 2023 | In the News

It’s like Texa-Tonka knew I was moving into the neighborhood. On my first weekend in my new house, I walked over to the new Revival and had fried chicken and bourbon to toast the move. Later, I celebrated my neighbor’s kid with donuts from Angel Food Bakery. Then La Bodega Taco Bar opened across the street with my favorite quesabirria, and of course there’s always been Best of India to blow my sinuses with Vindaloo and Brito’s Burritos pressed tortillas to order for your quesadilla. Wok in the Park is a neighborhood staple, full stop.

But now, two new foodist destinations have come to the crossroads that are Texas Ave. and Minnetonka Blvd., and I am probably now never moving. I give you Brookies Fish Market and Westside Wine & Spirits, two fresh owner-operated small businesses that have been built to feed the community and the souls of the owners.