A true neighborhood business.

Hi, we’re Tom and Alex.

“We created Westside Wine & Spirits to be a true community asset both for St. Louis Park, where we live, and for the Texa-Tonka neighborhood, which we love,” says co-owner Tom Schoenberger.

Noting the lack of purveyors close to their home, Tom and Alex drew on their years of experience in hospitality to found a business that would both serve the local community and be rooted in it. Today the western suburbs have a new wine and spirits authority, created by bar & restaurant pros who are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and eager to share everything they know. And because Tom and Alex are especially well-versed about food pairings, they also created an in-house market with offerings as carefully curated as Westside’s beverages.

Visit anytime, or order online for pickup and delivery. Along with your favorite spirits, wines and beers, expert advice is readily available and discoveries are never more than an arm’s length away.